4 golden rules in small bedroom layout


As we all know, the bedroom in every family is a private space, showing the importance of the family home. Therefore, a reasonable bedroom layout will bring happiness and luck. However, not everyone owns a large bedroom to arrange comfortable furniture. Most people, especially those living in a big city, have small bedrooms. The following article will give you 4 golden rules in decorating a small bedroom. Read it now to make your living space more comfortable.

Common problems when designing furniture for a small bedroom

The first is that you don’t have enough room for your effects. We only have one house but there are many closets, shoes, clothes, jewelry and miscellaneous items. Arranging them neatly and still being easy to find sometimes causes many people a headache. 

The second is that you will easily have difficulty in arranging the light. For those who like open spaces, light is very important. If your bedroom is not only small but also secret without natural light, it will make you extremely uncomfortable. 

 Finally, it is difficult for you to find the right furniture at a low cost. Today on the market there are quite a lot of smart furniture to help save bedroom space, but the price is not cheap. If you don’t know how to choose wisely, you will have to pay a huge bill for them

Are you facing the above problems? Don’t worry, the 4 rules below will help you solve them.

Rule 1: Be clean and tidy

The bedroom is a very important space, so it is very important to be clean and tidy.

You need to keep the bedroom airy and clean. Because the bedroom is secret, dust will cause discomfort, adversely affecting the health and psychology of the owner. Also take the time to arrange the furniture on the bed. These tasks are quite simple, the rearrangement of pillows and pillows after waking up does not take much of your time.

Do not forget to clean the mattress every 1-3 months. Mattresses are items that come into direct contact with our bodies every day. You will feel itchy and uncomfortable when lying on a mattress that has not been cleaned for a long time.

Another important factor is that you should use the storage cabinets appropriately. Sort your belongings and store them in your closet neatly, and also save you time looking for them when you need them. A small tip so that you don’t need to use too much furniture but can still store a lot of things in the bedroom is to make use of under the bed. You can set it up as a closet for clothes, toys or even books.

Rule 2: Use closet

If your bedroom has a modest area. Don’t worry, the closet models will help you save space for the bedroom to the maximum, cover the defects in construction and still have enough functionality to store things. If the bedroom space is not too small, you can be comfortable in choosing the colors and materials of the furniture. However, if you want the room to be spacious, homeowners should choose a closet with light colors, simple textures or choose cabinets with white doors. The installation of glass on the cabinet doors also contributes to making the space more spacious.

Rule 3: Pay attention to color schemes

A bedroom that is too colorful or too monotonous does not bring a high aesthetic signal to the room. Therefore, color matching is always an important principle in bedroom interior design and decoration.

If you don’t want to take risks, choose neutrals, warm colors, earth colors or pastel colors to decorate your bedroom. Do not forget to choose the color of the interior to match the paint color and arrange them properly.

However, regardless of the choice of color, it is necessary to ensure consistency in the overall architecture, avoiding out of place or too colorful.

Rule 4: Pursue minimalism

Minimalism is considered the key to making small bedrooms more airy and comfortable. The first advice we give you is to make the best use of the space. For example, with a narrow, but long, bedroom, you can arrange the space in the style of putting things on one side to create a larger feeling. Remember that the simpler the better, don’t be too greedy for furniture that makes the space narrow. Remember, the bedroom is for rest. Don’t put too much furniture in.

In addition, do not forget to create accents for your space. Even if it’s a small bedroom, don’t easy-going. Remember that with a beautiful bedroom, it should be simple yet sophisticated. Let your space be more airy and don’t make it too cluttered. You can notice in most of the beautiful bedrooms, they don’t put too much furniture in it. But in return, the space is decorated meticulously and delicately, helping to exude an extremely luxurious beauty. With the corners of the bedroom, you can decorate some items such as curtains, put more vases or hang a small picture to your liking. They are the highlight to help you love this space more and be happier after a long day of work.  

As mentioned above, the arrangement of space always needs to pay attention to the criterion of minimalism. The fact that you have a large space, you can comfortably put your furniture, but with a small bedroom space, simple criteria are extremely important. You can use the mattress alone without an extra bed if the ceiling is a bit low. The design and color of the upholstery fabric should also be as simple as possible. Or if you have a lot of personal items, take advantage of smart furniture with many different functions to be able to give yourself a great choice. You can make this space more beautiful and sophisticated, but you can still make use of the space to store things.


If you have a small bedroom and need to arrange the interior in a way that is both complete and not cramped, not making your bedroom a warehouse, the above information is completely useful for you. Hopefully, through this article, you will create for yourself a satisfactory bedroom and feel happier.